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   The appearance concept of  Model RAIN JET  comes from the Black-Gold polished marble, half translucent color with Synthetic-Resin cover, implicit color but not publicity, luxury and introverted.




      Widely used in antenna, radio frequency, professional equipment above the MMCX wire structure, is the most in line with international standards and the most stable way of quality, pure copper and gold-plated materials also make the sound quality smooth and gorgeous, and with high resolution.




    Because of the high cost, basically synthetic resin earphones have two advantages: 1. Good sound quality;  2. It is very comfortable to wear with the ear canal.




     Finally, about the Hybrid drivers sound quality, the small balanced armature unit is responsible for middle and high frequency,  and a dia 10mm moving coil transducer is responsible for providing enough dynamic bass. A passive Xover is built in the earphone to ensure smooth vocal and phase response   (which is very important for stereo imaging).



    The RAIN series adopts the silicone rubber ear cap with Blue on the left and Red on the right, which can distinguish the left and right units at a glance.




SPL Curve of Rain PURPLE




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